Daniel Baker Photography

5k A Day

During 2020 I’ve decided to run 5k everyday of the year. I plan to help 12 charities over the course of the year by raising money and awareness.

The Charities

January - SWAN UK

SWAN (Syndrome Without A Name) is a UK based charity that provides support for families of children with undiagnosed diseases. It has a special meaning for me because my dad died of an undiagnosed disease. You can learn more or donate on JustGiving.com. January’s runs are in memory of my dad, Keith Baker.

Keith Baker

February - Rainforest Alliance

You can learn more and donate on JustGiving.com


A couple of rules I want to set out from the beginning.

  1. Kms don’t role over to the next day.
  2. Treadmill runs count.
  3. No Excuses. If I can run, I have to run.