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5K a Day: Week 2

January 12, 2020 | Blog tagged: running, 5k a day, challenge

Reflections in a puddle

There’s just under three weeks to go in January and I’m 12 days into my 5k a day for the year. I noticed a couple of things this week. One, it’s a long way still to go (I know, I didn’t think it through). Two, I’ve been more tired than usual. Three, I’ve been getting faster and three my legs aren’t too sore.


I’m also more tired than usual. I think that’s less to do with the training and more to do with Steven Pressfield. I read fiction before going to sleep to wind down. It’s been my routine for a long while and it works well for me. It did work well until I started reading Gates of Fire. Now I find I’m fighting off sleep and convincing myself that one more chapter is fine. The bright side is at this rate I’ll get through it quickly. It is an amazing read. The downside is I’ll probably pick up another of his books and be right back in the same boat.

One positive that has been coming out is the speed improvements I’ve made. In the last week I haven’t done any speed work such as tempos or intervals but I have noticed a significant improvement in my endurance and my ability to sustain a pace. Before I started I was running an easy run at about a 6 minute kilometer. This last week I’ve been averaging around 5 to 5:30 per km. This mornings long run I managed 22km at an average of 5 minutes. This feels big to me and I’m relishing running this long and fast.

The main reason for my speed increase is because I run more by feel and less by heart rate. After listening to a Science of Ultra podcast I stopped pacing my runs on heart rate and instead started pacing them by feel. One tip I’ve found incredibly useful is to only breath through my nose. If I can sustain the pace and only breath through my nose I can be confident I’m going easy. This has had the biggest impact and if you’re running on heart rate I highly recommend you lay off the numbers during a run. Focus more on the feel and check the numbers after.

That’s about it this week. Nothing major to report. Please checkout out the Just Giving page if you haven’t already. If you can’t make a donation then please share!

Thanks, Dan.


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