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5k A Day

January 05, 2020 | Blog tagged: Running

Five days into 2020 and I’ve decided I’m going to keep my running momentum going by challenging myself to run 5k everyday this year. I know myself. In a effort to stop from quitting quietly and abruptly I’ve decided to tell as many people as I can. I’ve also decided to pledge each month of the year to a different charity that I’ll raise money for.

It will work like this. Each month I’ll announce a new charity that I’ve chosen to raise money for. I’ll post and share with as many people as possible in a effort to raise as much as possible. In return I’ll run 5k a day every day. I don’t have a plan for if I get an injury. I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it. Treadmill runs count. I’m all for running in the rain, but the rain in Barcelona in April is on another level sometimes. I’ll play it safe and run in doors on the worst of those days.

It might not sound that tough, five kilometers everyday. I’m sure it will be. There are a couple of days I can already see that will be a bit of a challenge. I’m running the Barcelona Marathon on March 15th. March 16ths run is going to be devastating, I’m sure. In April we’re expecting our second child. I barely remember the sleepless nights of our first child, he’s three now. I’m reliably assured that two kids is a lot more difficult than one. That’s going to be interesting for sure.

I’m also not one for just running 5k to get it done. I like to push myself a little more than that. Throughout the Autumn I’m already eyeing up some trail races. I also love riding my bike so Summer is going to be a combination of the two. On the bright side it’ll be amazing cross training!

That’s it. 12 months of 5ks. If you want to stay up to date you can follow me on Twitter or Strava where all my runs will go. I’ve also created a 5k a day page to keep all my information in one place.

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