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2020 Goals

January 01, 2020 | Blog tagged: goals

It wouldn’t be a New Years day post without setting some goals for the year.


I want to run more than 1500km this year. I have a habit of dropping sport for a few weeks (months) now and again. Every time I get back I always imagine where I would have been if I hadn’t been so lazy and stopped exercising. This year I don’t want to drop so many runs. I’ll take a week off here and there, but always as a recovery or a taper.

Run a marathon. I’ve run plenty of half-marathons, it’s time to step it up a level. I’ve signed up for the Barcelona Marathon in March so I should get round to it fairly soon. After that I want to start progressing to 50km, 80km, and 100km+ distances. I plan to pick up trail running again throughout the summer.

I cycled my first 100km Gran Fondo in 2019. In 2020 I want to move that up to a 100 miler. I also want to get through some multi day events. Cycling 200km in 2 days should be a good starting point.

Side Hustle

I’ve wanted to build a side hustle for a while now but I never actually get round to doing it. This is the year that I, finally, want to have something live.

In Brief

  • Total 1500km for the year
  • Run a Marathon
  • Run 50km
  • Run 100km
  • Cycle 200km+ in 2 days
  • Cycle 100 miles
  • Grow a side hustle that delivers some income

All of this might not seem like much but we’re expecting our second child in April. Based on the birth of our first child, and all the advice we’ve had from parents with two kids, I’m expecting the boat to be rocked. With that in mind I’ve kept the list light. I’ll end up updating and revising it throughout the year but this seems like a good start.

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