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19-12-31 flash report

December 31, 2019 | Flash report tagged:

In the last two weeks I’ve

  • Recovered form my knee injury. Turns out I needed a new pair of shoes. (I got the New Balance 1500NY6, they’re awesome)
  • Didn’t come close to running 80km. Ended up with 24km. Week before Christmas I took a week off to let my knee heal up and I wasn’t as consistent as I wanted to be over Christmas
  • Traveled to the UK to see Family for Christmas
  • Incorporated more plant based meals into my routine
  • I didn’t run the Cursa Del Nassos as I was planning to. I’ll run a Virtual 5k on New Years day instead

In the next two weeks I’ll

  • Have started to ramp back up my running to around 40km a week
  • Done a couple of rides
  • Posted some more recipes
  • Set up some category pages on this site
  • Started on the 100 days of Gatsby challenge

Flash reports are a look back at what I’ve achieved over the last two weeks, and what I plan to achieve in the next two. See the last one here

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