This is a now page. It details exactly what I’m focused on at this time of my life.

Last updated [2024-05-22 Wed] from my home in Spain.

Round the World Run

I’m building a little application I’m calling roundtheworld.run. It takes all of the runs you’ve uploaded to Strava and totals up the mileage. It then gives you the % of the rath that you’ve run. I’m building it using SvelteKit, turbo repo, and tailwindcss. I use React at work and felt like a change. I love the way svelte separates server only code and client code into different files. It makes things much easier in my opinion.

Reading Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin

I picked it up for a euro in a second hand shop in Ghent, Belgium. The 1000 odd pages of small print are intimidating but day by day I’m chipping away at them.

Reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons

I like to pick up two books at a time. One Fiction and one non fiction. I read fiction at night to fall asleep, which seems like a bad idea as I write this since I more often than not stay up late into the night when a good books takes me away. Hyperion is one of those books and I’m wondering why it took me so long to start it.


I’ve been more ruthless recently in deeming what is essential and what is not. As a result my desk is a lot neater, and the drawers that hold it up a lot emptier. I’m not a minimalist. I have too many books I wouldn’t want to part with to label myself that. But, I do appreciate the calmness that comes with neatness. The same is true of my phone. My sim card is back in my LightPhone II. I also carry an iPhone 6s which is essentially an iPod at this point with maps on it. My goal is to be less distracted with the push notification industry and more intentionally pulling information.