Alpine Linux eeePC

· [Daniel Baker]

Today was a public holiday so I decided to crack the old eeePC out and try and set up something useful on it.

I already had a doom emacs and ssh set up so it was just a matter of plugging it in to get going. One of the first things I wanted to do was get it on my tailscale netwrork. Once I had that working I’d be able to ssh into it even when I’m not on my home network. Tailsclae is a breeze to setup.

Setting up Tailscale in Alpine Linux

  1. Uncomment the community repository in /etc/apk/repositories. See the docs.
  2. apk update
  3. apk install tailscale
  4. rc-update add tailscale default
  5. rc-service tailscale start
  6. login using tailscale up

It’s that simple. After that was setup I confirmed that I could ssh from my phone while not on my network. After that I started setting up Syncthing, which was a little more problematic.


By default syncthing runs as syncthing. I couldn’t figure out the best way to edit the config or share the folders so my regular user could see them and interact. Instead I was able to figure out how to get Syncthing to run as my user. These are the steps I took.

  1. apk add syncthing
  2. Edit the Syncthing config at ~/.config/syncthing/config.xml
  3. Find the line and change it to listen on This will open up syncthing on the network to be accesible from other machines.
  4. sudo vim /etc/conf.d/syncthing
  5. Add SYNCTHING_USER=User. Where User is the user name you want syncthing to run as.
  6. Change owner chown user:users /var/lib/syncthing to allow your user to have access to syncthing.
  7. sudo rc-update add syncthing default will ensure syncthing starts as a background service.
  8. sudo rc-service syncthing start will start the service rightaway.
  9. On another machine in the same network navigate to http://syncthing%5Fhost:8384. You should now be able to setup syncthing through the gui.
  10. In settings remember to add a user and password to lock down the gui.