How to install and setup KeePassXC-Browser on Arc

· [Daniel Baker]

Figure 1: Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Figure 1: Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

This last week my lastpass benefit was withdrawn from my work benefits. Our enterprise lastpass subscription included a lastpass families benefit which I was taking advantage of. However, it seems that was removed in cost cutting exercises. Considering trying to move to tech independence I thought it was a great time to checkout open source alternatives. This is where I found KeePass. Essentially KeePass generates a secure file to store your passwords in. This file can then be read by any applications implementing the KeePass API. This is where the sech independence comes in. Although I’m using a single format I’m free to choose how I interact with that file. There’s a ton of options linked on the official site, but I ended up using KeePassXC on mac with the browser extension for Chrome. Since I’m using Arc I thought I’d drop my steps here in case anyone else using Arc Browser was looking for a way to enable the KeePassXC-Browser extension. KeePassXC also works on Linux so I have the added benefit of reusing the same interface across multiple computers.

Any way, here’s how to setup KeePassXC-Browser on Arc

Setting up KeePassXC-Browser on Arc

Essentially Arc is Chrome under the hood, so simply installing the Chrome extension for KeePassXC-Browser should do it.

  1. In KeePassXC ensure Browsers are enabled in settings. Press CMD + , in the KeePassXC application, then open the Browser Integration tab.
    1. Enable browser integration should be checked
    2. Chrome should be checked as the browser
  2. Install the KeePassXC-Browser extension.
  3. Once installed pin it and click the icon to open a dialog. You should see a Connect button. Click it.
  4. Follow the steps the name the connection. Name it something useful like arc-personal for example.
  5. Everything should be setup. Try signing out and signing in again using KeePassXC on any site you have stored.

That’s it. Let me know if this helped you or you ran into any issues by pinging me on my socials.