org-mode pomodoro

· [Daniel Baker]

org-pomodoro is an emacs pacakge that adds pomodoro functionality into emacs. By enabling the package and running the command org-pomodoro (SPC t t in doom emacs) the current heading will be clocked in in org mode and a pomodoro timer started. When the pomodoro is up it will also play a notification sound when the session ends and when the break ends.

In doom emacs, enabling org-pomodoro is as simple as enabling the pomodoro module.

;; ~/.doom.d/init.el
 (org +pomodoro)

As with everything emacs lisp it’s easy to customise the pomodoro timers to your liking. The default clocks in twenty five minutes plus a five minute break in blocks of four before starting a longer ten minute break. To customise the times simply add this to your config:

;; ~/.doom.d/config.el
(!package org-pomodoro
  :ensure t
  :commands (org-pomodoro)
   org-pomodoro-length 50
   org-pomodoro-short-break-length 10

This will set the pomodoro length to fifty minutes with a break of ten minutes.