How to view images on a kindle paper white

· [Daniel Baker]
Figure 1: Photo by pinho on Unsplash

Figure 1: Photo by pinho on Unsplash

I no longer use a smart phone, which in todays app driven world comes with some difficulties. Namely things like etickets and digital membership cards. Currently the LightPhone 2 doesn’t support QR codes or images so I had to come up with an alternative. Since I almost always have my kindle with me I thought I could use that to also carry copies of the QR codes and tickets I would otherwise use a smart phone for.

On older generation kindles, i.e. the Kindle keyboard, it was much easier to get a folder of images to display. On the newer generations, that’s not the case. It’s possible, but there are more steps involved. The easiest method I found is to simply convert a folder of images to a PDF. This gives me essentially a ‘book’ per folder of images which is easy to find on the kindle and open when I need them. Below are the steps I use to convert and transfer images to my kindle paperwhite.

Required software

  1. ImageMagick

Steps to transfer images a kindle paper white

Convert any images to jpg format. The easiest way to do this is with ImageMagick. You’ll also want to resize the height of the image because anything bigger than 600x800 will take longer to load on the kindle without much benefit. Be sure to name the images in the order that you would like them to appear on the kindle. For example, page_1.jpg, page_2.jpg.

# resize image to height 800, keeping aspect ratio and convert to jpg
convert -geometry x800 src/image1.png out/image1.jpg

The next step is to convert the images into a PDF file so that they’re grouped on the kindle and easy to access as a document. If you named the images in a sequence with a common prefix this is easy enough with image magick.

# Take all jpgs with the prefix page in /path/to and combine them into a pdf called output in the folder /path/to
magick /path/to/image*.jpg /path/to/output.pdf

Now simply copy the resulting pdf to the kindles documents folder. Alternatively you can also email the pdf to your kindle to recieve it wirelessly!

I hope this article helped you transfer images to your kindle paperwhite.